1 Minute 45 Second Cheerleading Mixes: Elevate Your Routine with our Tailored Tracks

Elevate your high school cheer routines with our 1:45 custom cheer music mixes. Perfectly crafted to meet the unique needs of high school cheer squads, our mixes bring the right blend of energy, rhythm, and school spirit to every performance.

Why Choose Our 1:45 Mixes for Your High School Team?

  • Custom-Tailored to High School Cheer: Our mixes are specifically designed for the high-energy and spirited nature of high school cheerleading, ensuring the music complements your routines perfectly.

  • Engaging and Dynamic: Our music is crafted to engage both performers and spectators, making every cheer routine an unforgettable experience.

  • High-Quality, Customizable Music: With professional sound quality and a range of customization options, our mixes are produced to align with your team's specific needs and preferences.

Enhance Your High School Cheer Routine Today

Select your desired package and let us provide the perfect soundtrack for your high school cheer team. Order your custom 1:45 cheer mix now and bring a new level of excitement and energy to your performances!

  • Headliner-Package-Smaller


    Boost your cheer team's performance with Limelight Music Productions' Headliner package. Suitable for routines of any length, our package offers mix options from 1:30 to 2:30. Personalize your performance with a selection of high-energy songs from our vast music catalog, ensuring your mix resonates with your team's unique style and spirit. Ideal for all cheer teams, from high-flying All-Star squads to enthusiastic high school groups, the Headliner package offers the perfect blend of flexibility and professional quality. Whether you're aiming for a national competition or a local showcase, our music will take your routine to new heights. Contact us today to start crafting your customized, electrifying Headliner mix and make your cheer routine truly stand out!

  • Headliner-plus-package-Smaller


    Elevate your cheer team's performance with our Headliner+ package, offering unparalleled customization and quality. Tailor every beat and rhythm from our extensive song catalog to perfectly align with your routine. The package includes options for mix lengths from 1:30 to 2:30, accommodating all types of routines and team sizes. Collaborate directly with our expert music producers for a mix that mirrors your team's unique character and choreography. Ideal for every cheer team, from competitive All-Star squads to vibrant high school groups, the Headliner+ package is your gateway to a highly customized, distinctive cheer routine. Take your performance to extraordinary heights with a Headliner+ mix that embodies unmatched creativity and precision.

  • Centerstage-X-package-smaller

    Centerstage X

    Elevate your team's performance with our unique, custom-created songs, designed to seamlessly blend with your routine and offer season-long exclusivity for a competitive edge. Our service includes uniquely composed tracks, tailor-made instrumentals, dynamic effects, diverse voiceovers, and optimal sound engineering for unparalleled clarity and impact. Enhance your routine with inclusive sound effect edits, a comprehensive lyric sheet, and a follow-up lyric video for audience engagement. Plus, broaden your team's online presence with a broad release on platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, and TikTok. Ideal for competitive teams, our custom-composed soundtracks ensure a unique auditory identity and unforgettable performances. Not to mention that your mix is completely exclusive to you for the whole season.


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