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    1:30 Mixes

    Revolutionize your cheerleading experience with our 1:30 custom cheer music mixes, specially tailored for High School Cheer Teams and All-Star Tiny Teams. Designed to capture the essence of youthful energy and school spirit, our mixes are perfect for enhancing routines with vibrant beats and catchy rhythms.

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    1:45 Mixes

    Elevate your high school cheer routines with our 1:45 custom cheer music mixes. Perfectly crafted to meet the unique needs of high school cheer squads, our mixes bring the right blend of energy, rhythm, and school spirit to every performance.

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    2:00 Mixes

    Elevate your All Star Prep, half-year, and non-tumbling cheer routines with our specialized 2:00 custom cheer music mixes. Crafted to suit the unique requirements and styles of these teams, our music enhances performances with precision, energy, and spirit.

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    2:15 Mixes

    Transform your college cheer team's routines with our 2:15 custom cheer music mixes, expertly tailored to the unique vibrancy and spirit of collegiate cheerleading. Ideal for game days, national competitions, or showcase events, our mixes are meticulously crafted to align with your team's style and energy.

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    2:30 Mixes

    Energize your all-star cheer team with our bespoke 2:30 custom cheer music mixes, meticulously crafted for high-energy performances and training sessions. Ideal for competitive cheerleading squads and gyms, our music enhances routines with a unique blend of rhythm and spirit, perfectly aligning with your team’s style.

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    Custom Length Mixes

    We can do any length of a mix for you! All custom-length mixes will be prorated based on instruction.

  • Headliner-Package-Smaller


    Our Semi Original package is perfect for teams seeking high-energy beats mixed with tunes from all 3 of our music catalogs. Ideal for routines that require a vibrant and rhythmic soundtrack and basic customization for your team's music.

  • Headliner-plus-package-Smaller


    The Semi Original+ package offers more customization, including more variety in artists recording custom content specific to your team. You can choose specific songs from our catalogs that resonate with their style, creating a more personalized cheer experience.

  • Centerstage-X-package-smaller

    Centerstage X

    For teams seeking the pinnacle of exclusivity, our Fully Original X package provides a unique and bespoke music mix, ensuring your routine stands out with unparalleled originality. This package will have exclusive original content made for your team that you will not hear in anyone else's music for that season.

Our Mission

"At Limelight Music Productions, our mission is to elevate the spirit and energy of every cheerleading performance by crafting unparalleled, high-end custom cheer music. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sonic excellence, seamlessly blending innovation with the unique personalities of each cheerleading squad. Through our unwavering commitment to precision, creativity, and cutting-edge production techniques, we aim to empower teams to shine in the limelight, leaving an unforgettable mark on the competitive cheerleading landscape. Limelight Music Productions strives to be the catalyst for unforgettable moments, transforming routines into extraordinary experiences that resonate with passion, precision, and the pursuit of perfection. We truly are the definition of cheer music."


What Expertise Does Limelight Offer in Custom Cheer Music Production?

As a leading cheer music producer since 2009, Limelight Music Productions specializes in crafting custom cheer music and mixes. Our expertise lies in creating tracks that perfectly align with your team's cheerleading routine, ensuring each performance is energetic, unique, and memorable.

Why Choose Limelight for Cheerleading Mixes?

Limelight Music Productions stands out in the cheerleading music industry for our personalized approach. We collaborate with teams to select and produce cheer songs that resonate with their style, ensuring every beat and rhythm contributes to an extraordinary performance.

What Makes Limelight's Custom Cheer Mixes Ideal for Cheerleading Teams?

Our custom cheer mixes are designed with precision and creativity, making them ideal for cheerleading teams looking for a competitive edge. Limelight's mixes are not only high-energy but also tailored to enhance the coordination and performance of your cheer squad.

Will Limelight Ensure Compliance with Cheer Music Copyright and Licensing?

Limelight Music Productions prioritizes legal compliance in cheer music production. We ensure all cheerleading music tracks are fully licensed, giving teams the confidence to perform publicly and in competitions without any copyright concerns. Visit our Legal Cheer Music Blog Here.

Do I Get to Use Cover Songs for My Cheer Music?

To ensure your safety from copyright infringement, Limelight does not use cover songs in any way at this time.

How Does Limelight Incorporate Latest Trends in Cheerleading Music?

At Limelight, we constantly update our repertoire with the latest trends in cheerleading music. Our team integrates contemporary styles and popular hits into your cheer mixes, ensuring your performance is both modern and engaging.

How to Collaborate with Limelight for a Unique Cheer Music Experience?

Collaborating with Limelight Music Productions is simple and rewarding. Contact us to start a conversation about your cheer music needs, and our team will guide you through a seamless process to create a mix that amplifies your team's spirit and performance.

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